How We Work

The highest governing body is the AESGP General Assembly, composed of all members of the association. 

The strategic leadership and management of the association is in the hands of the AESGP Board, composed of elected representatives from member associations and companies. 

The AESGP Board is led by the Executive team: 

Birgit Schuhbauer

AESGP President 2019-2021

Global Vice President OTC Franchise, Johnson & Johnson 

Traugott Ulrich

AESGP Vice-President 2019-2021

Executive Director, Schwabe Pharma 

Bernard Mauritz

AESGP Vice-President 2019-2021

Director General, Neprofarm, the Netherlands

Jaume Pey

AESGP Treasurer 2019-2021

Director General, ANEFP, Spain 

Our committees

AESGP primarily operates via 6 technical committees. These committees are composed of AESGP members’ representatives; they meet regularly and develop AESGP positions in key areas.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

  • Leads the AESGP position and actions aiming to ensure that the pharmaceutical legislation and its implementation are proportionate to the specificities of non-prescription medicines 
  • Leads the AESGP position on the functioning of the European marketing authorisation procedures (centralised, decentralised/mutual recognition, and national) and develop suggestions for improvement 
  • Fosters a positive climate for the changed of legal status from prescription to non-prescription (so-called “switch”) and promotes best practices as model for more European harmonisation 
  • Makes sure that product information on non-prescription medicines is fit for purpose 
  • Provides high quality comments on draft guidance documents produced by authorities. The AESGP pools of experts on respectively Quality/Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Telematics, and Environment are particularly qualified to provide assistance on those specific topics. Experts in these groups are nominated by Regulatory Affairs Committee members. 
  • Fosters and coordinates the relationship with other stakeholders in healthcare

Herbal Medicinal Products Committee

  • Leads the AESGP position and actions directed towards a proper functioning of the legal and regulatory system for herbal and homeopathic medicines in Europe 
  • Supports the establishment of adequate herbal monographs and entries to the European Union ‘list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products’ 
  • Avoids negative repercussions for herbal medicines through inappropriate regulatory measures in relation to quality and safety requirements 
  • Ensures good interaction between AESGP and all relevant stakeholders interested in herbal and homeopathic medicines 

Medical Devices Committee

  • Ensures that the category of self-care medical devices is recognised by all stakeholders 
  • Represents AESGP in various European Commission’s working groups which facilitate implementation of Medical devices Regulation 
  • Provides information on the category of self-care medical devices notably in relation to the extent of products concerned, the classification rules currently applying and, as far as possible, the market sale/data of this category

Food Supplements Committee

  • Provides clear industry input to ensure an appropriate implementation of the legal provisions impacting food supplements, including the health/nutrition claims regulation 
  • Interacts with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • Prevents negative developments for food supplements, e.g. through inadequate restrictions of food additives or limits on contaminants 
  • Supports national activities to improve the recognition of food supplements, as appropriate 
  • Keeps the most comprehensive database of the sector up-to-date 

Pharmacovigilance Committee

  • Ensures that particularities of well-established actives are taken into account in any discussion related to the safety of medicines 
  • Contributes to well-functioning EU pharmacovigilance system 
  • Provides relevant and high-quality contributions to circulated draft guidance documents in relation to pharmacovigilance 

Economic/Public Relations Committee

  • Fosters the relationship with stakeholders in the healthcare sector
  • Leads debate on studies around the economic and public health value of self-care 
  • Leads the position of AESGP on key market access issues such as public advertising and branding of self-care products
  • Leads the AESGP position with regard to “new technologies” including eHealth, big data, digital strategies
  • Serves as a programme committee for the AESGP Annual Meetings and supports the organisation of these events