Hot off the press: 58th AESGP Annual Meeting

After 2 years without being able to celebrate in person due to the pandemic, the 58th AESGP Annual Meeting was finally held in Madrid on June 7 and 8 under the theme “Supporting innovation in self-care at times of uncertainty”. The event was attended by more than 200 professionals from the self-care sector, including representatives of European institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, medicines evaluation agencies and national authorities to analyze the challenges and opportunities of the sector after the COVID-19 pandemic.

HBW Insight reporter David Ridley captured the rich and insightful exchanges throughout the 2-day event. The articles are freely available:

AESGP Annual Meeting, Day 1: Supporting Innovation In Self-Care During Times Of Uncertainty

“Supporting innovation in self-care during times of uncertainty” is the theme of this year’s AESGP Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain, which was opened on 7 June by AESGP president Birgit Schuhbauer and president of the Spanish consumer health industry association, ANEFP, Alberto Bueno.

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AESGP Annual Meeting, Day 2 (Part 1): The Future For Europe’s Self-Care Industry Is Bright And Digital

Day 2 of the AESGP’s 58th Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain begins with optimism about the future of the European self-care industry. Google and IQVIA Consumer Health analyze COVID-19 trends to help industry prepare for the post-pandemic new normal, while Convert Group and Swedish e-pharmacy emphasize the opportunity presented by e-commerce for consumer health.

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Self-Care Key To EU Pharmaceutical Strategy, Says Rapporteur

Only with help of the non-prescription medicines sector will the aims of the new European Union pharmaceutical strategy be achieved, argues MEP and rapporteur Dolors Montserrat at the AESGP Annual Meeting.

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AESGP Annual Meeting, Day 2 (Part 2): Can Regulation Be A Catalyst For Innovation?

Regulation should be seen as a spur to creativity rather than a burden, suggest panellists during the second session of the AESGP’s 58th Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare boss Julie van Ongevalle also makes the case for electronic patient information leaflets as a way to learn from the pandemic, which she describes as the greatest constraint the world has experienced in recent history.

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AESGP Annual Meeting, Day 2 (Part 3): Reckitt Calls For AESGP Sustainability Consortium

At the third session of the AESGP 58th Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain, Reckitt’s head of product sustainability and stewardship Oliver Price called on the association to explore consortia relating to shared sustainability issues within Europe’s consumer healthcare sector. Also in the session, regulatory experts Andrew Fasey, Mayer Brown Europe, and Sevrine Pereira, Europen, critically examined major pieces of incoming legislation related to the EU Green Deal, pointing to areas of concern for the OTC industry.

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AESGP Annual Meeting, Day 2 (Part 4): OTC Advertising Isn’t Always About Brands

The fourth session of the AESGP 58th Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain, focused on the use of advertising for responsible self-care. GSK Consumer Healthcare’s general manager for Northern Europe, Jonathan Workman, argued that responsible advertising should start with “what people need, what people want.” Supporting Workman’s case for prevention-focused advertising, IPG Heath’s Zahid Siddique drew on his experience as both a marketing expert and pharmacist to show how consumer health campaigns can have positive impact on people’s lives.

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About the AESGP Annual Meeting

The AESGP Annual Meeting has established itself as the principal international conference on the consumer healthcare industry. Because it brings together more than 300 delegates from the consumer health industry, partner organisations and policymakers, the AESGP Annual Meeting is a unique occasion to meet colleagues from the industry and engage in discussions with healthcare stakeholders and policymakers. The event usually takes place the last week of May or the first week of June in different places in Europe, which provides an opportunity to engage with members of AESGP’s local association.

The conference report of the 58th AESGP Annual Meeting will be published in the coming weeks. Previous reports can be viewed here.

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