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Over The Counter 28 Mar 2022: 58th AESGP Annual Meeting, What To Expect? With Jurate Švarcaite

In this episode, HBW Insight’s David Ridley catches up with the Association of the European Self-Care Industry (AESGP)’s Director-General Jurate Švarcaite to discuss the association’s upcoming conference. The 58th Annual Meeting will be the first since the coronavirus pandemic to take place in person, with delegates set to convene in Madrid, Spain, from 7-8 June. Bringing together more than 300 representatives from the consumer health industry, partner organisations and policymakers, topics will include self-care market trends, regulatory innovations seen during COVID-19, sustainability and advertising. There will also be plenty of time for networking, something that has been sorely missed and is a key feature of AESGP Annual Meetings.

Listen to the full conversation on HBW Insight.

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