Europa Press mentions AESGP's International Self-Care Day activities

Europa Press mentions AESGP’s International Self-Care Day activities

Europa Press has published an article informing about the activities carried out by Anefp (Spanish Self-Care Association), a member of AESGP, on the occasion of International Self-Care Day and, more specifically, their #EsCosaTuya campaign, which highlights the responsibility of everyone in the practice of self-care and encourages people to take a more active role in their own health.

The article also mentions the broader campaign promoted by AESGP, calling to not forget the lessons brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue the efforts to promote self-care as the first step in healthcare and the protection of health.

Read the full article (Spanish): Europa Press, Anefp lanza una campaña para resaltar la responsabilidad individual en la práctica del autocuidado (22 July 2021)

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