AESGP celebrates self-care 24/7, for all, for life

AESGP celebrates self-care 24/7, for all, for life

The awareness campaign highlights the value of self-care in the run-up to International Self-Care Day

To celebrate International Self-Care Day, held each year on July 24, AESGP has been running an awareness campaign throughout the month of July and across different channels, such as AESGP website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The campaign, comprising animations and other materials, aims to highlight the benefits of self-care products (non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements), focusing on their use throughout different stages of our lives, and their value for individuals.

The European Self-Care Industry is committed to helping advance responsible self-care by promoting health literacy throughout life, reminding to seek, whenever necessary, advice from a pharmacist or other healthcare professional. With a wide range of self-care products and the continuous innovation of the Self-Care Industry, we all can benefit from a great choice in healthcare and wellness at all stages of our lives, 24/7.


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