Hans van Zoonen, Former AESGP President (2005 – 2009)

Consumers want to actively manage their own health and are taking greater individual responsibility for their health care and health choices. This includes responsible use of self-medication, which in turn requires awareness of and good access to information and to safe, effective and affordable self-medication options.

The health, social and economic benefits of self-care are well evidenced. All stakeholders in this field must work closely together to best serve the European citizens in this area.

The AESGP, since its foundation in 1964, has worked tirelessly with all stakeholders and now, 60 years on, can look back at a long list of successful achievements that have advanced the self-care agenda in Europe for the benefit of all.

But this complex field continues to evolve, and it is critical that AESGP continues its work, together with you and other stakeholders, to achieve an even better self-care environment for all in the years to come.