Birgit Schuhbauer, Former AESGP President (2016 – 2022)

The founders of AESGP and the national Self Care association were true visioners. AESGP was a fundamental contributor to create the framework for a flourishing new category that enables citizens to take responsibility and care of their own health.

Everything needed to be set up and formalized: the pathway and appropriate regulation for RX-to-OTC switches, free pricing, direct-to-consumer advertising and the modernization of pharma regulation for OTC products. These laws are fundamental and are not a given, and in some instances, they still need to be defended and modernized.

AESGP is the number 1 advisor to the EU Commission when it seeks the input from our industry. Through trust, competence, reliability and the fair balance of AESGP’s positions, it earned the undisputed credibility with the EU organs in Brussels.

AESGP transformed itself to a modern, transparent, digital, diverse and active listening organization that always puts the European citizen first by helping its companies to serve patients and consumers at their best.

Today, Consumer Health is a big, constantly growing sector within total healthcare. The need for consumer health is increasing as societies age and sick funds need to focus on financing severe diseases. Thus, AESGP continues to be strongly needed to shape the future of Self Care and to continue to enable citizens to take care of themselves.