The social and economic value of self-care (AESGP, 2021)

Self-care is what we do every day to be and stay healthy. It’s eating properly, exercising, and getting enough rest. Self-care is also the pain killer you reach for in your handbag when you have a headache. It’s the drops you use to lubricate your eyes when they’re dry. It’s the vitamins you take with breakfast in the winter to boost your immune system and help fight off infections. And it’s turning to your pharmacist or doctor for advice or looking for reliable information online when you have questions about your health.

In advance of the publication of its new study “Self-Care in Europe: Economic and Social Impact on Individuals and Society”, AESGP is releasing new evidence highlighting the economic and social value of self-care in Europe. Overall, the study finds that resources freed up through adequate healthcare policies that support and encourage self-care can play a significant role in building more resilient health systems across Europe.

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