Reply to European Commission's Regulation Proposal on Artificial Intelligence

Empowering people’s Self-Care through Artificial Intelligence

AESGP has submitted its reply to the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence and amending certain union legislative acts.


AESGP welcomes the European Commission’s effort to develop a European approach for artificial intelligence (AI) that promotes Europe’s innovation capacity while ensuring the creation of an ethical and trustworthy AI. If properly addressed, AI could bring tremendous benefits to the healthcare sector as a whole and some of its potential applications are already described in numerous publications.

Particularly in the self-care sector, AESGP believes that AI can help to foster a personalised self-care approach and empower people to better manage their health and well-being, especially regarding the prevention, early detection and treatment of potential health concerns. By analysing data shared by consenting individuals, AI could support them in practising correct self-diagnosis and responsible self-care.

  • AESGP welcomes the risk-based approach but calls for internationally aligned criteria
  • Data governance is a cornerstone for AI policy development
  • Clearly defined accountabilities and liabilities that allow progress and utility of AI
  • A regulatory framework with flexible mechanisms for quick adaptation to technology evolution
  • Fair and horizontal regulation
  • Empower people’s health and digital literacies for better understanding and use of AI


Europe must ensure a fit for purpose regulatory framework so that people can safely enjoy the benefits brought by digital transformation and new technologies. AESGP believes that Industry, regulators, legislators and society at large have to work together to accelerate the effort if Europe is to become a leader in the digital health space.


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