Reaction to European Beating Cancer Plan

Beating Cancer takes a collective effort, with prevention as the most effective, yet undervalued option

AESGP congratulates the European Commission for the focus given on Cancer and on the newly released European Beating Cancer Plan, amidst the adversities of a long-lasting healthcare crisis.

AESGP would like to highlight the importance of the additions to the Beating Cancer Plan in accordance with AESGP’s contributions to the roadmap, notably:

  • Investment on cancer prevention
  • Improving health literacy and patient empowerment
  • Enhancing healthy lifestyles and reducing risk behaviours


AESGP also commends the European Commission on the holistic approach to the oncological patient, following the disease and its multi morbidities, as well as considering cancer a high-relapsing risk disease. AESGP would stress, nevertheless, the importance of considering secondary and tertiary prevention tools that can minimize the impacts and consequences of cancer.

AESGP values the Plan’s relevance given to the use of digital tools and data for better understanding and follow-up, and for encompassing these essential technological developments in healthcare.

AESGP still believes that further research is needed in the area of food supplements and non-prescription medicines, as essential tools in prevention and in combination with oncological treatments, that might achieve higher efficacy, better therapeutical adherence and better healthcare outcomes.


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