HBW Insight Podcast: “Greening the Global OTC Industry” with Jurate Švarcaite, AESGP Director-General

In a new podcast episode by HBW Insight, AESGP Director-General and GSCF Board member Jurate Švarcaite speaks about the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self-Care, an initiative the global federation describes as the “first industry-wide resolution supporting environmental sustainability issued by the consumer health sector.”

This podcast interview looks at the following questions:

  • why and how the consumer health industry came together to respond to the growing environmental expectations from consumers and policymakers
  • what the Charter aims to achieve and the challenges in setting the bar to formulate ambitious, yet concrete and achievable action goals to reduce Industries environmental impact
  • how the Charter delivers to manage the tension between competition and cooperation aspects
  • what’s next for the Charter in the coming months


Listen to the full conversation on HBW Insight.

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