Pharmacists and self-care, side by side for better healthcare (PGEU)

Pharmacists and self-care, side by side for better healthcare

Over the years, health systems have been facing increasing resources’ constraints that, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, represent a real threat to their sustainability and to public health. The promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and complementary health interventions are proven to be cost-efficient solutions but require an integrated approach by health care providers and patients.

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Community pharmacies have always been side by side with self-care due to their access and proximity to people. Community pharmacists are highly qualified to empower citizens to take their own informed decisions while providing key interventions such as prevention of acute diseases, management of chronic diseases, pharmaceutical counselling for common ailments and enhancement of health literacy.

The convenience, competence and services pharmacies provide have earned population’s trust and offer the right tools to reduce burden of health systems and to improve patients’ responsibility on efficiently managing their health. In times of joy or difficulty, tranquility or uncertainty, pharmacists are always there for people, whenever they need.


Blog author: Duarte Santos, PGEU President 2020


Celebrating the benefits of self-care, 24/7, for all, for life

This publication is part of a series of blogs that will be published throughout AESGP communication campaign in the run-up to International Self-Care Day on 24 July.

Under the theme “Self-Care Generations”, we will be exploring the benefits of self-care from early life towards healthy and active senior years.

The campaign will run from 14 to 29 July on LinkedIn and Twitter, and will include the publication of videos, social media messages & cards, blog posts, guest contribution, as well as a set of self-care stories.

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