Reply to European Commission’s Roadmap for the Pharmaceutical Strategy

AESGP Reply to European Commission’s Roadmap for the Pharmaceutical Strategy

For a Pharmaceutical Strategy that protects the planet, patients, healthcare systems and EU competitiveness

AESGP welcomes the European Commission Roadmap for the Pharmaceutical Strategy, ensuring sustainable innovation and the availability and affordability of medicines and medical technologies for citizens. Working towards patient-centred healthcare systems will require to develop further solutions that are tailored to patients’ needs, having in mind the EU Member States healthcare systems’ sustainability.

In line with this Commission’s commitment for regulatory and administrative simplification, AESGP agrees that it is crucial to pursue a better regulation agenda for the pharmaceutical sector, to reduce red tape and improve effectiveness.

  • There is an important role for Self-Care pharmaceuticals and health literacy in the overarching aim for healthcare system sustainability
  • A healthy competitive market and a resilient supply chain helps to ensure worldwide success of the European Pharmaceutical sector for non-prescription medicines
  • European production and procurement need to rely on global supply chain sustainability to reduce effects of eventual medicines’ shortages
  • Environmental concerns need to be paired with accessibility and affordability of medicines
  • Smart regulation can be a way forward to increase accessibility and availability of pharmaceuticals to patient
  • Protecting Pharmaceutical SMEs and allowing for special regulatory provisions is to safeguard important sources of innovation


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