Reaction to European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy release

Farm to Fork Strategy: Consumer empowerment is key to ensure healthy and active European citizens

AESGP welcomes the Communication of the European Commission on the Farm to Fork Strategy, for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system, as well as the release of the Staff Working Document on the REFIT evaluation of the EU legislation on nutrition and health claims on foods and how plant substances used in foods are regulated in the EU.

Delivery on the Green Deal objectives will need to impact food systems, for them to become more sustainable, while still ensuring food security and safety for the European population.

AESGP is aligned with the European Commission’s aim for consumer protection. It does so by ensuring that science-based information is conveyed to empower consumer choice, and by opposing to inaccurate or misleading marketing features. Consumer empowerment will be essential in the Farm to Fork Strategy. It will play a decisive role in the adoption of healthy lifestyles and behaviours, leading to a society of healthier and more active European citizens.

AESGP members aim at the utmost quality, safety and efficacy of their products. As representative of European producers of non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements, AESGP closely follows the developments related to the use of health claims and to the food safety regulatory framework on nutritional and physiological substances (including plants and their preparations) used in foods.

AESGP is willing to continue to collaborate with the European Commission by contributing to a strategy that delivers a robust food system, that is prepared for the healthcare and environmental challenges of today, and that is resilient to withstand periods of crisis. AESGP is looking forward to actively participating as a stakeholder in the next steps required to accomplish the targets of the Farm to Fork Strategy.

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