AESGP, EFPIA and Medicines for Europe reflections on EMA – HMA – EC Key principles for electronic product information

AESGP, EFPIA and Medicines for Europe share their reflections on the European Medicines Agency, the Heads of Medicines Agencies and the European Commission “Key principles for the use of electronic product information for EU medicines”

AESGP, EFPIA and Medicines for Europe are pleased to share their reflections on the EMA-HMA-EC Key principles for electronic Product Information (ePI).

This paper aims to highlight key asks and identify key actions in order to move the ePI project from principles to action. It also stresses the fact that all stakeholders would benefit from an ePI implementation (industry, health authorities, healthcare professionals, patients and environment).

In addition, this paper intends to summarize what would be needed to deliver easily accessible and up-to-date medicinal product information to patients and healthcare professionals, contributing to the overall health literacy of EU citizens.

Finally, it also addresses points raised on ePI in the publication of the European Medicines Agencies Network Strategy for 2025 and the more recent Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.


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