The voice of European Self-Care Industry

The Association of the European Self-Care Industry (AESGP) is a non-profit organisation representing the manufacturers of non-prescription medicines, food supplements and self-care medical devices in Europe, also referred to as consumer healthcare products. Our mission is to advance responsible self-care and contribute to the sustainability of European healthcare systems.

The voice of European Self-Care Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does 'AESGP' mean?

    AESGP stands for ‘Association Européenne des Spécialités Pharmaceutiques Grand Public’ (fr). ‘European Association of Consumer Pharmaceutical Specialties’, if you translate literally, or ‘Association of the European Self-Care Industry’, as we call ourselves. Not many people remember, but it all started in Paris in 1964, hence the French name.

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  • I want to become a partner

    As a partner of our association, your company will receive recognition on our website and other publications throughout the year. You can support us in formulating our opinions and positions, and benefit from a wide range of services.

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  • I want to become a member

    As the voice of the consumer health industry, we represent our members at the European level on cross-cutting issues and provide many other benefits.

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