AESGP, The Voice of European Self-Care Industry

The Association of the European Self-Care Industry (AESGP) is a non-profit organisation which represents the manufacturers of non-prescription medicines, food supplements and self-care medical devices in Europe, an area also referred to as consumer healthcare products.

AESGP, The Voice of European Self-Care Industry

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What our members think of us

Why do we, at IGEPHA, value AESGP so much? We are always ahead with them! Quick first-hand information, opportunities to participate on a European level and, last but not least, a wonderful platform for such important industry-internal networking – just great!

Christina Nageler, Managing Director - IGEPHA

RASCI (Romanian Association of the Self-care Industry) acknowledges AESGP support in leveraging momentum beyond national borders. Since the establishment of the association in 2016, RASCI has had the example of other AESGP member associations, so it relied on their advice and took the best out of their previous experience in order to consolidate its position as the “voice of the self-care industry” on the local market. This wouldn’t have been possible without an umbrella association, such as AESGP, to provide for the exchange of knowledge among its members. Nevertheless, RASCI relies not only on AESGP’s vigilance and expertise when it comes to European developments that could possibly have a regional or local impact, but also on its reputation as the “self-care industry guru” that contributes towards its capabilities to garner more attention and contribute to improved results European, regional and local wise.

Diana Mereu, Chief Executive Officer - RASCI

AESGP plays an important role in bringing together consumer healthcare associations from across Europe to deliver clear and consistent messages on the importance of self care. PAGB values working with our European colleagues on key regulatory and policy issues affecting the industry, to help create a more positive environment for self care, and support our Members in the UK.

John Smith, Chief Executive - PAGB

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does 'AESGP' mean?

    AESGP stands for ‘Association Européenne des Spécialités Pharmaceutiques Grand Public’ (fr). ‘European Association of Consumer Pharmaceutical Specialties’, if you translate literally, or ‘Association of the European Self-Care Industry’, as we call ourselves. Not many people remember, but it all started in Paris in 1964, hence the French name.

  • Why become a partner?

    Your company will receive recognition on our website and other publications throughout the year. As a partner of our association, you can support us in formulating our opinions and positions, and benefit from a wide range of services, including:

    • Meeting your existing and potential European partners from the self-care industry
    • Expand your business opportunities, your contact network and promote your products and services at AESGP events
    • Benefiting from the latest information on current and future trends that affect the self-care industry
    • Engage in our policy areas and shape the environment the self-care industry operates in
  • Why become a member?

    As the voice of the consumer health industry, AESGP provides many benefits to its members. We represent our member’s voice at the European level on cross-cutting issues.

    Here is an overview of some of the benefits in being member of AESGP:

    • Keep up with the latest news in the sector thanks to regular mailings relaying information and regulatory intelligence from the European institutions and other bodies
    • Access and contribute expertise
    • Have the opportunity to share the association’s/company’s views on the topics/issues covered by AESGP
    • Get more visibility and be invited to meetings organised by the different European authorities on topics covered by AESGP
    • Be part of a strong network, with a lot of networking opportunities
    • Receive the monthly AESGP Newsletter to have a good understanding of the wider AESGP activities and general regulatory and policy developments
    • Access the AESGP Med Data Bank and the AESGP Food Data Bank free of charge
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